January 26, 2011


Oh i fell in love with these Triwa wacthes since the first time i saw them online. But then, thinking about how much i spent, decided to just keep them in my mind. 

Ok, so couple weeks ago i was out with my boyfriend, WINDOW shopping. We went to check this new shop, A Curious Teepee. Shockingly, they carry Triwa watches. Gosh! *jaw drops* Why?! Why when i'm broke everything i want always shows up? :( Anyway, I tried it on then i cried. It's so light and so nice on my hand. Fortunately, my dear lovely adorable boyfriend was with me and saved me. First challenge PASSED! Hahaha!

Next, we went to this shop, Inhabit. And guess what? IT'S THERE!! THE FREAKING WATCH!! Ok this time i couldn't help myself. I tried it on again and literally cried again. Then memories of my so not fun christmas holiday came up in my head. Felt sucks on my holiday, so decided to take it home. Excuses excuses excuses (I know) :P

Guess which one i chose!

oh please ignore the hairy hand!


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